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Can a Chiropractor Help Migraine Headaches?

Posted Feb 01 2012 12:00am

Migraine headaches treatment san francisco My first experience with chiropractic was as a patient with migraine headaches. I was 25 years old. At first the headaches would come after I exercised, then go away. Then they started coming on in the afternoon and I would go to bed with a headache. But in the morning the headache would be gone. Then I started waking-up with a headache. Over the period of about a year the migraine headaches got to the point where they were with me 24 hours per was just a matter of how bad would it be.

I went to my regular medical doctor who prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers, and more tests. I ended up with a neurologist. I had x-rays, Brain MRI, hearing tests, blood tests, you name it. I was prescribed all sorts of medications which made it impossible to work, workout, or have any kind of life at all.

At the time I was a stockbroker and one of my clients was a chiropractor. He had been trying to get me to see him but I really could not see how he could help me when all these highly trained medical doctors could not figure it out.

One of the neurologists actually told me to "brace for the worst" because it looked like it could be a brain tumor...great!

Well...I finally decided to visit the chiropractor, because at this point I would have tried anything. When I got there I could not believe how busy this doctor was...he must have had 50 people waiting for him. I remember, this guy must really be good.

So they took some neck x-rays and did an exam. I was told I had pinched nerves in my neck which was a very common cause of headaches. I asked how come the medical doctors did not tell me this? As it turns out they were just looking for brain tumors and not misalignment's. In fact, my medical doctor laughed when I told him later that it was misalignment's in my neck that were causing the headaches. Thanks Doc!

Anyway, after a few chiropractic treatments I started to feel better. I thought it was just a coincidence that I was receiving chiropractic. So I quit. But then the headaches I went back to the chiropractor and finished out the recommended treatment plan.

Well...the rest is history. My mystery migraine headaches were gone along with all the pain pills and medications. I was back in the gym...back to work...having fun again...and reading everything I could get my hands on about chiropractic. To me this was a miracle.

Long story short...It was at this point I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor. And I am not alone. Most chiropractors have their own story...this is one of the things that makes our profession so great. 

Fast forward 20 years and I have helped thousands and thousands of migraine headaches patients in San Francisco return to more normal lives...sometimes when all hope has been lost. This has enriched my life and given me purpose. 

So...can a chiropractor help migraine headaches?

Oh yeah...and some!

Chiropractic is the worlds largest drug-less healing profession. Chiropractic is also Ranked #1 by Consumer Reports for Back Pain . Chiropractic is not smoke and mirrors. Chiropractic works by removing nerve pressure from misalignment's so the body can heal itself and function as intended.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering with migraine headaches, do me a favor...pick-up the phone and call the chiropractor. It will most likely be your last stop.

Dr. Eben Davis is founder and clinic director of Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown san Francisco. To schedule an appointment with one of his headache doctors in San Francisco , call 415-392-2225.

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