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Can a bad IV insertion cause latent weakness in the arm, especially if contrast dye was injected?

Posted by malaird

I was recently in the ER for a heart arrythmia.  I was also having shortness of breath and pain in a calf muscle.  They gave me a CT of my chest, which was normal.  Heart was OK, no clot in my calf.  Over a week later I still have a bruise from the IV.  They used contrast dye for the CT.  The following day I started having numbness in my arm and fingers of the IV arm.  Now its mainly a weakness in my arm and shoulder.  I have chronic neck pain from osteoarthritis, and just had an MRI to confirm no nerve impingement in the neck.  But, my left arm is still weak.  Can a bad IV with or without contrast dye injected into it cause temporary weakness of the arm?  Could it have stunned a nerve in the arm?
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I don't know for certain but I now believe so - I went into the e r last night and had some blood tests, ekg, and i v - everything was A- ok but then, the next morning that arm was so sore, painful, weak that I was shocked by this.  It continued the entire day and still now, 24 hours later.  The only explanation is that the i v had something to do with this.  At first I thought I had 'slept wrong' on my arm but no way could this be the result of that.  I don't think I had a ''bad IV'' but I am sure the results of my aching, soreness and weakness is the resulting reaction to having the I V. 
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