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burning tingling pain in feet,with numbness below left ankel and heel of foot

Posted by Porshia

Hi,I have terrible burning tingling pain in both feet,They get really cold and hurt like there frost bitten,And when they warm up the feel like there on fire.

I also get sharp stabing pain in both feet with tingling that goes up the legs and at night when i am trying to sleep they are way worse.I also have no feeling below my left ankel along with my heel on the left side only.The lack of feeling there is always numb it doesn't come and go,It just stays numb.I noticed before my ankel area went numb it first had a deep itchy feeling

than the numbness came and stayed,I am a 40 year old female,with ongoing

low back pain and neck pain.

Ive been like this for 4 years,I do not have diabeties,I have been tested.

Any help would be wonderful,I can't take it.

Thank you in advance.

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3 days ago I went shoveling and came back to my friends house my feet were ice cold so my friends mom told me to put it in a bucket of hot a matter of seconds my feet felt as if they were on fire...later that night when I went to bed i woke up in the middle of the night to find that I had no feeling the back of my right side of my right heel...I dont know what it is but its making me pretty nervous 
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