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Burning sensation down right side of my neck that starts from my right ear

Posted by sweetjennie7873

I'm having severe,sharp pain in my right ear that has now been accompanied by a burning-like sensation down the right side of my neck...more like the right side of my throat. This burning sensation comes and goes. I may not have it for days,and then I can wake up one morning and it will just start again for no apparent reason. This 'burning' is where my jawline and neck connect on the right side and goes down to about a half inch from my thyroid area. It's worse when I swallow or move my head from side to side. I'm not sure whether this burning sensation is related to the sharp ear pain I've been having or not. I went to my dr last week and had the pressure in my ears checked,and the dr also looked in my ears and said all looked good. He can't explain the ear pain or why I'm having this burning sensation. At times it feels like water is draining from my ears,but the dr also said he didn't see any fluid in my ears at all. This is so crazy,and the pain is unbearable at times. Anyone have any ideas? I'm really getting worried!
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Hi, you might want to get assessed by a physiotherapist who specializes in manual therapy. 

It sounds like your pain might be coming from your neck, possibly the muscle which are giving you referred pain into the ear and neck, or maybe some nerve root irritation (burning is usually a nerve pain). But it is impossible to tell without a proper assessment. 


Best of luck, but don't wait any longer to get your pain assessed. 

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