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Bones And Muscles Can Work Together To Cause Back Pain

Posted Jan 15 2011 4:25am

The fourth myth in our series on back pain concerns our muscles. Oftentimes, the importance of our muscles is overlooked or neglected when we consider our backs and our spinal health. We focus so much on the vertebrae that we accidentally ignore what supports the spine: Our muscles. It is surprising how many people think that muscle issues are no big deal. Unfortunately, stiff, spasmed, or bound-up muscles can exhaust our joints faster than we can say, ?Charley horse?!

Considering this, it is so key that any study involving your continued back pain begins at the right point. This means that researching the root of your back pain should not begin with a $3,000 MRI or other such medical test. Rather, the appropriate starting point is with a detailed and very cautious hands-on analysis of both the muscles and the vertebrae. This sort of testing will not only save you a pretty penny, but it will also prevent a good deal of frustration when the medical results show nothing that may have caused the pain. The hands-on examination is significantly more efficient and precise than other medical tests that your family practitioner or pain management specialist might suggest.

For chiropractors, bones and muscles go together like milk and cookies: You really just cannot consider one without the other. It is essential to look at the vertebrae and the structure of the spine together with the muscles that control and surround the spine. For Dr. Steve, the secret to success is grounded in the most fundamental ideas and principles:

1. Check out all of the different body parts and elements that may be at the root of your pain 2. Perform a detailed assessment of all muscle and nerve activity 3. Evaluate a full set of spinal x-rays to learn about each patients bone structure and alignment

To ensure a correct diagnosis, permanently liberate you from your back pain, and find any hidden spinal issues or misalignments, it is important to consider more than just the spinal column itself. Dr. Steve examines the bone structure, nerves, and muscles of each individual patient to provide the best care possible to each person, regardless of the situation. Without looking into these three aspects, we run a huge risk of a misdiagnosis or, even worse, arriving at the conclusion that your back pain is ?just something you need to live with.

Let it be known, this method will not give you bragging rights about the fancy (and expensive!) medical testing you may have otherwise done. It is, however, the sole reason why chiropractors following this approach have had such astounding success with even the worst back pain possible!

To understand why your muscles may be causing your back pain, click here .

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