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Blood Clots

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:00am 1 Comment
I recently had a patient present to my office with a complaint of local sharp pain in the back of her leg which had started recently without precipitating factors. The pain was located in her lower leg, and was isolated and not in an area where one would normally present unless they had been doing [...]
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 I went to my family doctor with leg pain in my one calf. I have had this leg pain for atleast two months. He looked at my leg and immediately told me that I have superficial blood clots in that leg. I also went for a doppler and they said I have no deep large ones. I have been taking 81 mg. of aspirin daily and put a warm rice bag on the leg both morning and night. after a month, no improvement. I cannot bend my leg to sit on the floor, i have to keep it straight out in front of me. When I drive the car and push the accelerator, I have alot of pain and put it on cruise. I called my doctor again, and he called in a script for persantine.  I am a little worried to take this because I already bleed alot when I cut myself. And I have a normal bp of 105/56 . I wonder if this bp is too low to be taking this new drug. I have not tried it yet, would love to know if I should get a second opinion.

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