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BioPosture Memory Foam Pillows are Comfortable, Cool and Provide Great Neck Support

Posted Nov 28 2010 11:38am
One complaint that I get about foam neck pillows is that they get hot and uncomfortable. Today I want to talk about Bioposture neck pillows – these foam neck pillows are not your average memory foam pillow. First, they are specially made with multiple identical ventilation chambers that allow the neck pillows to be cool, comfortable and you can maneuver them easily.

What makes this memory foam so special? This 100% biomemoryfoam is the first plant based memory foam made in the united states. All BioPosture™ pillows are are made with biodegradable and rapidly renewable materials, resulting in less impact on landfills and less strain on the environment. BioMemoryFoam™ uses a 100% natural petroleum substitute in its manufacturing process.

Bioposture makes two memory foam neck pillows, one regular neck pillow and one with two neck rolls:
  • Bio Posture Memory Foam Neck Pillow Bioposture crown pillow NPQ
    Each BioPosture™ pillow is just the right density to cradle the head in the proper ergonomic position. This pillow is available in standard and queen sizes.

  • Bio Posture Wave Memory Foam Neck Pillow -If you are looking for different heights in your pillow, conside this wave pillow. These pillows have different height profiles (wave) on either side to provide the exact neck and head support for different upper body shapes. The waves are 3 ½” and 4 ½” high for the low profile pillow. The waves are 4 3/8” and 5 ½” high for the high profile pillow.

    Bioposture wave pillow dimensions

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and ergonomically correct foam neck pillow, consider the bioposture family of pillows.

Available at Neck Pain Relief Kit > Foam Neck Pillows > Bio Posture Memory Foam Neck Pillow , Bio Posture Wave Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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