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bilateral upper arm pain

Posted by mary

I have had 2 episodes when I am unable to raise both arms forward, above head, laterally, posteriorly at shoulder w/o significant pain.  elbow movement unaffected.  sudden onset each episode, both @ the end of the day, relieved by time/sleep.  Slight pain continuous at anterior upper arm muscles after second event.  no trauma history.  Positive osteoarthritis bliateral wrists/thumbs L>R.  What spinal nerve root +/or process could be responsible? 
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Typically the lower nerves of the neck control the hands and arms.  C5 is most likely the answer you're looking for.  If there is some arthritis in the hands, chances are there is some in the neck too.

The best bet to relieve neck discomfort or arm pain that stems from the neck is a chiropractor.  Keeping the spine in helthy alignment will also help slow breakdown and degeneration.  A chiropractor that treats extremities may also be able to help the hands and wrists too. 


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