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Balance training can be improved with Chiropractic care.

Posted Mar 11 2011 8:19am

Balance training is important for the senior population which also benefits from Chiropractic care as well. having a good sense of balance helps prevent falls but benefits patients of all ages. Any sport you might play is dependent on good balance.

“Balance is important in everyday life” stated Chiropractor Dr. Carol Grant. “Getting in and out of your car or even walking requires balance.” And if you think about it, it is true. In order to walk, at one point you are standing on one foot. To get in your car, you have to lift a leg and that means instability and balance requirements.

Athletes need balance training as well as core stabilization. If you throw a ball, you engage not only your arms but your abdominal muscles and back. Any spinal injury or dysfunction will affect your strength and your ablility to balance.

Here at Grant Chiropractic Health Center, we use a variety of tools and equipment to help train people with balance. There are exercises which can be done on a gym ball as well as rocker and wobble boards. They may sound “scary” but we design programs based on a persons level of ability. For example, an elderly person may only be able to perform standing on one foot while an athlete may be on a rocker board with their eyes closed.

If you feel your sense of balance could stand some improvement, contact our office by visiting our website at We would be happy to try to help you and your balance training.

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