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Bad Hand Sprain From Sports? See a Chiropractor

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:06am

C00232451 I just received an email from someone who hurt their hand really bad playing sports. She asked me if there was a way to tell if her hand was fractured or not from the symptoms...because it sure feels like it is.

Well...if the hand is sprained really bad it can be hard to tell...especially right after the injury.

She told me she went online and learned about R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). This is good...and maybe it starts feeling better the next day. But...what if it doesn't heal right? What if something got knocked out of position in my hand ? What if it feels like something bad is pinched or rubbing?

Personally, I would drive straight to the chiropractor right after a hand injury...which is exactly what I did when I had a really bad fall skiing a few years back and was worried I hurt both my wrists and would not be able to work. The chiropractor adjusted my wrists, applied cold laser, massage and ice. I saw the chiro a few more times and drove back to San Francisco.

Yes, I was sore for a while...and I had many more chiropractic adjustments...but man...if I had not done this who knows what would have happened. What if the bones in my wrists were allowed to heal inappropriately...out of alignment? It could potentially shorten my career...and yours too.

You don't want to mess with your can't afford to be without them. A chiropractor that specializes in upper extremities can do what almost seems like magic sometimes for patients with bad hand pain and carpal tunnel symptoms.

And if your wrist is fractured...your chiropractor can refer you out for medical care. It's just the smart thing to do.

Or...if it makes you feel better, go to the emergency room first to make sure there is no wrist fracture...then go to the chiropractor to make sure the wrist bones are in alignment so they can heal properly. I always refer out for hand x-rays if I suspect fracture...or I'm just not sure.

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