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Back Pain Relief ... the stretching secret

Posted Nov 10 2008 2:53pm
Back pain relief is a 4 step process - you need to stretch muscles that are tight, stimulate weak muscles, get joints moving correctly and balance your pelvis. Stretching is probably the most known way to ease muslce tension and help with back pain relief. However there a 2 common errors with stretching.

The secret behind stretching is not knowing what to stretch, but knowing when to stretch (which was discussed in our previous tip on back pain relief), and knowing how to stretch.

This little video explains more on the most effective way to stretch. There are certain ways to stretch that only take 6 seconds to do, are more effective at reducing muslce tension and also help to retrain the muslce to relax, improve flexibility and remove back pain

I hope this video has helped you to understand the importance of knowing how to stretch. Back pain relief should follow a 4 step process. Stretching is the first step in removing back pain. Knowing how to stretch, what to stretch and when to stretch is the secret ingredient in stretching effectively.

For complete and permanent back pain relief these 4 steps need to be addressed. If you want some simple and quick techniques you can use now to help ease your back ache, just visit the link below and claim your FREE eBook on Back Pain Relief.

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