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Back Pain Relief or Sciatica Relief – the 3 steps you must follow

Posted Feb 17 2011 6:08pm

You may believe back pain relief or even sciatica relief is nearly impossible to occur. For most this may be true if you use techniques that only cover part of your problem. Long term relief is possible, there is a solution.

No matter where you back pain is, or how long it’s been there, there are only 3 causes. You have muscles that are tight and those that are weak, and joints that fail to move freely. It is these three factors that create your pain and you must remove these to become pain free.

The internet for most people, is your best soruce of information. You will find many web sites, both good and bad, offering you help with the pain you have. Writing about stretches and exercises is common, there are numerous eBooks on the subject, and you might even get relief.

Unless you fix all the issues that create your back pain, short term temporary relief is the likely outsome. The 3 issues above must be addressed to get any solution to back pain relief. To help your body heal and to help maintain a pain free state, it is ideal to add in other techniques that will help.

With sciatica relief the process is the same. Don’t be fooled into believing that sciatica is some demon pain syndrome. In reality sciatica is caused by the same factors above that create all back pain conditions.

With sciatica there is one change, there are certain muscles and joints that when out of balance will allow pain to radiate down your leg. Don’t worry this is still very easily corrected by addressing the same 3 issues.

You may be wondering, which techniques are best at removing these three issues?

You can stretch to ease muscle tightness, however knowing which muscles to stretch is not that important. What actually is important though, is knowing how and when to stretch. Relieiving back pain can be easier and quicker if you use certain stretching techniques.

Knowing the ideal time to stretch is more important, because there are times in the day that allow muscles to ease tension quicker. Stretching at certain times of the day will actually allow the msucle to relax literally overnight.

Weak muscles need exercise, they also need to have their nerve and blood supply stimulated. When there is poor supply of both nerve and blood to the muscle, then all exercise will fail to create strength.

Balancing your joints is the final step in the process. With both back pain and sciatica, your pelvis is the most important area. If your pelvis is out of balance, then hte muscles of your spine and the spine itself will twist and distort.

To get back pain relief and sciatica relief you must make sure your pelvis is aligned and balanced. If your pelvis is out of balance, the nerves surrounding your spine become irritated and pain develops both locally and referred, as in sciatica.

To receive lasting back pain relief, it is essential to address the 3 main issues mentioned above. Pain is likely to remain or relief only short lived if you fail to address these. Sciatica relief is also easy to attain by following these same three steps.

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