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Back Pain Relief … 2 ways to stop it now

Posted Oct 15 2008 5:00pm
Back pain relief can be a complex issue. Do you target muscles or do you target joints. If you target muscles do you stretch them or strengthen them. The answer is simple… To have complete and permanent back pain relief you must stretch muscles, strengthen weak muscles, get joints moving correctly and balance your pelvis. Fail to do this and your back pain will remain or only temporarily ease.

However, in all of this there is one area that you must ALWAYS target. That area is your lower abdominal muscles. Why?

Your lower abdominal help to support your lower back and pelvis. They are the main muscle that helps with any
strength activity, whether it is household chores, gardening or sporting activities. If your lower abdominal muscles are weak – lower back pain and back pain in general is likely to occur.

How do you strengthen your Abdominals?

Exercise springs to mind doesn’t it? Endless sit-ups and Crunchies!!

There is problem though – if the nerve and blood supply to your abdominals is poor, no matter how many abs workouts you do, your abdominals will not gain
the “functional” strength they need to stop your back pain.

Sure you still need to exercise the abdominals and there are good ways to do this and great ways to do it as well. The nerve and blood supply is essential if you want to remove your back pain.

How do you improve this, simple. There is a reflex on the inside of your thigh. All you need to do is rub this in a circular motion, with firm pressure. The reflex runs from your knee and up your thigh halfway. Rub each reflex for about 30 seconds and you will stimulate the supply to the muscle. Then exercise the muscle.

A simple add-on to your abdominal routine that will improve the effectiveness of your abdominal workout – it will also help remove your back pain quicker and help you gain strength in your abdominals in lightning speed (even for those wanting washboard abs).

If the reflex is tender then you know the nerve and blood supply is quite low – the more tender the lower the supply. Even if the reflex is working perfectly – rubbing it takes only minimal time for maximum gain.

Easing back pain can be simple.
It is the simple things you do on a regular basis that make the greatest change. Discover the real value of being back pain free – back pain relief can be simple, quick and permanent.

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