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Back Pain Causes – Disturbing Truths

Posted Jan 09 2011 4:45am

Sitting, standing, walking, and even sleeping becomes very inconvenient to go about when a pain in the back sets in. Putting it plainly, an individual’s normal functions are radically hampered. Etiologically, a pain the back could be due to numerous causes. However, the two very common back problems are disc displacement due to injury or aging and degenerative disc disease.

Disc degeneration is due to the loss of water content present between the gaps of two corresponding vertebrae. This causes pinching of a nerve followed by pain. Medically, this is termed as lumbar radiculopathy. Here, nerve irritation secondary to discs’ damage between the vertebrae occurs. The disc, per se, experiences ‘Wear and Tear’ either due to degeneration or a traumatic injury. Normally, bulging discs are confused with disc ruptures. Bulging discs are normal as they tend to bulge during the day in view of the body weight they are burdened with and automatically become normal when asleep. A traumatized disc is a serious condition and needs emergency medical attention. A jelly-like substance termed ‘nucleus pulposus’ oozes out of ruptured discs.

Pain In The Middle Back And Its Causes

The back bone or the middle of the back tends to inflammate subsequent to improper body posturing and sitting for a long period of time. An improper chair could be the main cause of a mid-back pain. Further, acute stress and emotional burdens indirectly cause the back muscles to become stiff culminating in back muscle pain.

A slipped disc or joint-related problems are caused by abnormal twisting and bending of the spinal column. A muscle strain in the back could also cause this pain. A case in point would be the lifting of heavy objects spontaneously and haphazardly. A back muscle pain is very common. However, in case a rib is fractured, a constant continuous pain is experienced in the middle back area and the chest. Another aspect of back pain could be due to the onset of osteoporosis. Renal infections also give rise to mid-back inflammation. Its symptoms are associated with difficulty in urinating.

A gastric or duodenal ulcer also causes pain in the middle of the back. Pain generally sets in after a meal. Unregulated strenuous exercises done without the consult of a physician injures the muscles in the back thereby causing pain.

The back is the most vital bony structure of the body and it should be immaculately taken care of throughout life’s entire tenure. A balanced and healthy diet coupled with exercising regimens will do a world of good to the back. Ensure that the back is always kept pain free.

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