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Back pain and leg pain: a common presentation

Posted May 14 2010 3:48am

Lower back pain which is accompanied by radiating leg pain is a very common presentation.  The radiating pain only travels into the buttock and thigh, and doesn’t travel below the knee happens frequently and is a better prognosis for conservative care.  And, most commonly, the thigh pain is found in the back of the thigh, rather than in the front of the leg.

Most of the time, this back pain radiating leg pain does NOT come from a herniated disc, and does NOT mean the problem is sciatica (caused by an inflamed sciatic nerve, likely caused by a disc herniation).

This type of back pain that travels into the buttock and the back of the thigh is usually caused by mechanical changes in the sacroiliac joint and the spinal joints of the lower back. These mechanical changes relate to tight spinal muscles and inflamed spinal ligaments and tendons, with resulting loss of full mobility.

The good news is such problems are treatable with chiropractic health care. The underlying problems are structural, related to the joints and  surrounding soft tissues, and chiropractic treatment is designed to restore balance and function. Symptoms typically begin to improve quickly.

In addition to treatment, your chiropractor will likely recommend stretches and exercises to help solve the problem and maintain physical health.  Visit our website at to see ways we treat back and leg pain then call our office at 860-620-9523 to make an appointment.

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