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Back pain and ankle sprain are related and corrected with Chiropractic.

Posted Jan 05 2011 7:35am

Injuries such as sprained ankles can contribute to back pain and Chiropractic can correct both problems.  Just like in the song “the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone” and all the way up how you contact the ground directly affects the knee, hip and back.  Ankle sprains cause swelling which results in adhesions. This can limit the motion in the foot. Fractures which are treated by splinting or casting also prevent motion and cause adhesions to form. Foot abnormalities such as flat feet or feet that roll in or roll out change the way the arches work and ultimately the way the foot supports the body.

Chiropractic evaluation looks at the foot, knee, hip and their relationship to the back.  Correcting one problem with out addressing the others often results in incomplete heeling.  Balance exercises as well as Adjustive treatments will correct both back and foot dysfunction.  To find out more about Chiropractic care in our office visit our website at:

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