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As for expert of elements this capability is the objective flame

Posted Sep 22 2013 3:49am

As for expert of elements, this capability is the objective flame mages don't currently have much of a mana problem. Every crit payments you with 30 % of the base mana price of the miracle, and there will be a lot of crits. The flame is designed around crits. This is a must-have right now and becomes even more of one at level 85, when our battles go more a while to mana performance becomes a bigger problem.
How about dropping Soul? The only pushback security available to mages, possibilities are you have this capability regardless of what type of mage you are. Essential in any battle where you will provide wow silver and be getting damage with any type of regularity, the 70 % pushback level of level of level of resistance this provides results in DPS whenever you get hit by something that would as a rule have more slowly your releasing.
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