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Are You In Balance – 6 steps for back pain relief

Posted May 17 2012 12:54am

When back pain strikes you are usually surprised. After all there were no early warning signals…

You simply lifted an object, bent over, twisted or literally did nothing to warrant having pain. Whether it is neck pain, back pain or sciatica, it can strike when you least expect it.

Did you know there are 6 simple steps you can follow to see if you are in balance and therefore less likely to suffer with pain.

The graphic below shows you these 6 simple steps that can help you in your back pain relief efforts. Take you time now to use these steps and see if you are in balance … or not!

check imbalance for back pain relief

Are You In Balance – 6 back pain relief steps


Are you in balance?

If you are then congratulations, you have a structural system in balance and you are less likely to suffer with pain. But use these same steps to monitor your structural system, and you can prevent pain from developing.

As soon as you notice you are out of balance … act immediately, learn simple ways to relieve back pain and remove all the underlying issues for lasting back pain relief.

Prevention is always easier than cure … early detection of imbalance is a vital step in preventing back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

It is simple to check your balance at home, do this each month and make sure you remain in balance.


Out of Balance? Now What?

If you found that you were out of balance and are not suffering with pain, now is the time to act. Return your spine to balance and you can prevent pain from occurring. These steps show your spine is not functioning well but is yet to take that final leap into a painful situation.

If you want to learn simple ways to return your spine to balance, simply click here .

If pain is present then you need to do more…

There are 3 steps to get lasting relief. The first is working out which specific imbalance you have. There are four main distortion patterns that affect your spine. These imbalances allow pain to develop.

Once you know which imbalance you have, then next step is removing pain. It is simple to relieve back pain using a variety of techniques. You can literally turn off the pain signal.


Your body heals faster and better once pain free. Learning how to relieve back pain is therefore a vital tool.

But once pain has eased, you then need to remove the underlying causes – the imbalances in your spine.

This requires a combination of both muscle and joint techniques to return to balance. It’s a simple process to get lasting back pain relief. Simply click the link below to learn how you can stop pain and return to balance.

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