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Are there any set guidelines or limitations to follow on stretching & strength training following lumbar fusion (L4, L5, S1)?

Posted by knwilliard

I had fusion on L4,L5, S1 two years ago.  I have always been in good physical shape.  Recently I started a new strengthening class that incorporates some yoga.  I know that Mackenzie exercises are good for your back but how far should I be bending back?  My surgeon said that I would lose about 20% of my flexibility after surgery so I'm a little leary to push myself too hard.  It was an extremely successful surgery but I am having some pain for the first time since surgery and I worried I may be doing harm.  Bending sideways stretching also bothers me.  I'm trying to get my flexibility back and do not feel like I am over doing it (excercise class 2-3 days) & I walk daily 2-3 miles.  I know that everyone is different but are there guidelines & limitations that I should be following?  Also, are the weighted hoops (hula hoops) safe for me to use?  I have not noticed any pain in my back after using it but I want to make sure that I'm not doing any damage that I am not aware of.  Any advice would be great.  Thanks-
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