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Are Golfers More Prone to Disc Herniations Than Non-Golfers ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Chronic Back Pain and Disc Herniation Doctor Comments:

We treat a lot of golfers with disc herniations at our San Francisco Financial District Disc Pain Center. The Executive lifestyle and golf go hand and hand,and the Bay Area has great weather, so it is pretty much a year round sport. In addition, many Baby Boomer's are retiring, so they are spending even more time out on the golf course. Some of the problems that golfers present with are things like back sprains, sciatica, disc bulges, disc herniations, and even neck, shoulder, wrist and hand pain. I do not golf that much, but it seems like every time I do my back gets a little sore, my hands too. This only makes sense because there is quite a bit of spinal rotation that goes into a golf swing, then at the point of impact (when you strike the ball, or miss it) there is a pretty good force that is absorbed by the body, especially if you do not have good form. If you have any pre-existing problems such as disc degeneration or shoulder problems, you are especially vulnerable to golf injuries. Anyway, I found a pretty good article that covers all the bases as far as how to prevent golf injuries from happening and what to do about them if they occur. The article was written by two medical doctors, so the recommendations are from their perspective. My personal opinion is that traditional chiropractic should probably be your first choice. If medical attention is necessary we can refer you to the appropriate doctor. Sometimes x-rays or MRI is needed to rule out disc herniation. If disc herniations are present and do not respond to conservative care then non-surgical spinal decompression is often times considered. If you or someone you know has suffered a golf injury, it is best to have it looked at right away before you play any more golf. Playing hurt can make the problem worse. For a complimentary consultation please call 415-392-2225.   

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