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Posted by robinfaith

Can you please explain what this is.  A friend of mine had this listed in her mri scan report.  I also am looking for more information on Brown-Sequard spinal cord syndrome and other back issues that I have. Thank you for your help in advance.


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   Thank  you very much for the information. I was diagnosed by a psyiatrist whom I still see about 7 years ago.  Ten years ago my son then 6 punched me in the back of my neck.  I doubt this made all of the problems  happened but I think it helped to make it occur faster.

I have a little loss of feeling. I have a little of the lack of temp. feeling. I do lose feeling on my leftside where the surgeries were. c6-7 and c5-6.  I went into the first surgery with all pain numbness on the leftside. That was the surgical side both times.  I woke up and ever since then most of the symptoms went to my right side of my body.  Nobody believed me, some still don't.  I fall sometimes, no warning my left leg gives out. sorry for all the inquries I sometimes wonder if I have it. I have severe pain often going down to my sacrum. I can't trot or run I fall. I am on opiate pain meds. I had the tests for lupus, and ms but that was about 8 years ago. Where might I find anti-inflammatory foods listed please? I also have what the dr. calls clonic or similar. Spasticity especially when hit with the hammer thing. My leg will just keep jumping several times. I get it in my hands at times too.   Sorry for my ramble. I just want more insight. May I ask what kind of Doctor you are? Again my thanks,


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