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Posted May 11 2010 12:52pm

APOS an invention by two Doctors from Israel which could bring relief to millions of Britons suffering from chronic knee and back pain. Its only available privately at the moment at BUPA Wellness Centres but it is hoped it will be available on the NHS soon.

The APOS Treatment (which stands for All Phases of Step Cycle) combines two simple principles for treating lower back and knee pain: realigning the body as it walks and introducing a mild instability, which encourages the retraining of the systems that stabilise the joints. This means it improves joint function and reduces pain.
Patients start a six-to-eight month course of treatment with a 90-minute assessment, including lifestyle questions and a stint on a computerised walkway which maps walking and deportment. They are then fitted with specially-made trainers, under which hang two semi-circular discs, to be worn at varying times.

It's like walking on a wobble board in that the patient has to use muscles they might not normally use."

Some customers feel some pain relief even after only one use of their custom calibrated APOS Walkright system. After just a few weeks of APOS Treatment, typically 30 minutes of walking each day, many patients experienced a reduction in pain that lasted an entire day, as well as improved function not just when wearing the APOS Walkright system.

Another one for me to take with me when I see my pain consultant in June !:?:

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