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A Supportive Travel Neck Pillow for a 20 Hr Flight...

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:12pm 2 Comments

Question: I have a 20 hour flight and need suggestions for good neck support or pillows. Buckwht? Beads? Inflatable? U? I've never used a U pillow but I like the idea that it stays in place. I have an aisle seat so I can't lean against the window. I don't know how thick of a pillow I would need. Your experiences would be helpful.

Answer: If you are sitting for about 20 hours I would recommend you buy a U shaped pillow- this way your head can be comfortably relaxed sitting up and you won’t be leaning left or right. Do you like foam or polyester fiber fill for a neck pillow- it comes down to special preference. If you have a specific symptom, such as neck pain, stiff neck or pain due to a neck condition (pinched nerve, herniated or bulging disc), the Foam pillow will be a better choice. The U Shaped Memory Foam neck pillow responds to your body heat and adjusts to your unique needs of your head and neck. Travel Pillows for Comfort If you suffer with neck pain or headaches you may want to get a pillow that has a built in ice pack for added comfort. In particular its called the headache ice pillow. Here are some travel pillows that you can look at:

  • The Travel Core Neck Pillow - U Shaped, made out of fiber. Get the support you need while sitting (lobes down) or lying down (lobes up or down).
  • U Shaped Memory Foam Pillow> - made with 100% viscoelastic foam to provide comfort for your special sleeping or resting needs. This U Shaped Travel pillow responds to body heat to better conform to the unique shape of your head and neck, helping to comfortably stabilize an existing condition.
  • Headache Ice Pillow - This unique u shaped pillow has special , compact design to help relieve headaches by providing support to your neck while sleeping or resting with the addition of ice therapy. An anatomically designed, soft-frozen gel pack can be inserted into the pillow for added relief. Great for travel, reading or sleeping, this pillow also can provide relief from pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injuries or other traumas. You can keep the gel pack in the freezer until you need it.

Additional Reading Resources:

Visit -Arc4life carries neck pain relief products" href="">Arc 4 life for the best neck pain relief products and information.
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I am a big travel freak and my fav destination is Italy. I first visited in 1996 and have been back every two years since. I think it should be the top travel destination and there are lots of cool vacation ideas on sites like  so you will love it too!
Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment. Traveling to a country like Italy can be long, tiresome and very uncomfortable. Using a travel pillow with a "u"shape can help you sleep soundly while in a seated position. It prevents you from doing the Head Bop with your head going side to side, causing neck pain and stiffness when you wake up.
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