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A Neck Pillow Does Much More than Support the Neck …

Posted Feb 10 2010 2:02pm

In fact, giving the neck adequate support and keeping the nerves in the neck free from pressure will ultimately help lower areas of the body.  The main control center of the body is the brain.  It sends nervous system communication down the spinal cord and out the nerves to every part of the body. 

    If you think about it, all information passes through the neck before it goes anywhere else.  Therefore keeping the communication highway clear (by keeping the neck in place) will allow messages to be sent with no interference. 

    Keeping the neck in good position means the nerves are working with no blockages.  Putting strains on this region can result in neck pain, but also hand and arm problems, upper back pain, headaches, or eventually something worse.

    Using a good neck pillow is one step in maintaining a healthy, pain-free lifestyle from the top down. 


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