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A Cure for Lower Back Pain

Posted Oct 05 2008 1:14pm
A cure for lower back pain, is it possible or even probable. To actually cure lower back pain you need to address 4 main areas, or you will find the so called cure is only temporary.

So what should you target?

There are 4 main areas you need to address - tight muscles, weak muscles, joint disruption and pelvic balance.

Tight muscles are the most commonly targeted, you use stretches of numerous varieties. No matter what you stretch the most important part of stretching is not what to stretch but how and when to stretch. Stretching is a vital part of back pain removal, but just a part.

Weak muscles are also important, however it is not exercise that is the key. You need to improve the nerve and blood supply for muscles to function better. Then you can improve their physical strength with exercise. Fail to improve their functional strength and back pain will return no matter how strong they are from lifting weights.

Your actual joints and your pelvis are area that most people believe need to b addressed by seeing a practitioner. In fact there are many simple and quick ways to realign your spine and balance your pelvis at home. Painless, safe and highly effective. This can save you money, time and a lot of lower back pain.

So if you decide you want a simple and quick cure for lower back pain, remember one thing. Simple and quick still needs to cover the 4 main areas that cause your lower back pain. Fail to address these and your simple and quick cure becomes a simple and temporary cure.

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