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A closer look at one SAMSUNG R428 Battery internal

Posted Nov 26 2012 1:39am

A closer look at one SAMSUNG R428 Battery internal, this is actually a few group battery series parallel circuit, generally speaking, is single battery capacity and notebook battery requirements voltage constraints, laptop battery generally USES first after series parallel way to ensure the working voltage and battery capacity, for example, if one nominal 12.5 V, 4000 mah notebook batteries, generally speaking is such a composition: first by the session of the single section voltage of 4.2 V, 2000 mah battery core series, achieve its nominal 12.5 V voltage, and then through a group of the same battery unit re-form parallel circuit, the overall capacity battery in the ascent to 4000 mah, this kind of cell which is commonly said to 6 cell battery.

First of all to explain is that the essence of laptop Battery for SAMSUNG R428 and ordinary rechargeable batteries and no two sample, just a companies for the appearance of the model are on the increase battery shell work, say so, if opened notebook battery shell, its internal structure and common battery and without any distinction, that is interacting each big brand notebook battery general biggest obstacle is the notebook computer each big brand independent design between the sex.Along with the hot summer, notebook and started a new round of difficult journey, then the best solution is to give love this find a partner - notebook radiator. But the problem is, at present the market cooling base quality is uneven, and the specific location also has a certain difference, want to find a cooling effect is good, operation quiet, easy to carry, price and economical products, really not easy. So, we in the choose and buy when cooling base, specific should pay attention to what problem? Today, small make up to you to move.

Five, the habit Battery for SAMSUNG R428 transition discharge and full electric idle At present, the majority of notebook computer use lithium battery, compared with nimh batteries don't need is very concerned about the transition charge and discharge. But, for lithium battery, excessive discharge is also shorten the life of the main reason, so, had better not put lithium battery laptop battery run to less than 5% of the electricity. Computer long-term idle when the battery is full of electricity can lead to cell chip rapid aging. We should keep the battery to 40% ~ 50% of electricity, and then will take off the battery and packing is good, in the shade save.

One, reduce the use of the SAMSUNG R428 Battery I suggest that really can't find power using battery. Lithium battery there is only 400 times or so charging life, often use battery work to increase the number of the battery, if average two days charging time, more than a year your battery is basic condemned. Two, not in power supply conditions of use battery The notebook computer in the use of alternating current (ac) work, try to take off the battery, so can avoid frequent discharge the battery and charging. Lithium battery on an average day self-discharge 0.2%, general notebook computer as long as detected with the battery power for charging, even if is high quality notebook computer is in the battery discharge percentage of the situation began to battery charging, a days battery discharge and charging many times, greatly shorten the service life of the battery.

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