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A chiropractor told me one leg was longer than the other, causing a tilt to my pervis, a limp, and that my spine was curving,

Posted by jimsplace

as it tried to recenter my weight on the skeletal frame. I now have full time pain over the entirety of my spine. Also, Xrays shwed that my skull does not sit level at the top of the spine. Others can notice the tilt of my head. I ccan look in a m irror and try to make it level, but I feel like I'm leaning over! I had all the childhood diseases in the 50's except polio. Mumps, very bad, measles, several kinds Reumatic fever, and had temps of 106 a few times when they put me in cold water or ice, That was exciting to say the least. Is all this possible, perhaps the cause of my pain? I have filed for SSDisability but don't know what they will require.
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