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A “Must-Read” Book If You Suffer From Back Pain...

Posted Oct 25 2010 12:25pm
So what is it ??

‘The 7 Day Back Pain Cure’ gives you an A-Z blueprint on exactly what's causing your back pain – and the action steps necessary to get rid of it permanently.

It's written by Jesse Cannone... hes the guy along with Steve Hefferon who helped me through my back and sciatic pain  so they both have become good friends and definitley on my Christmas Card list!!

Also Jesse has become very sought after as a back-pain experts due to his natural approach. He's been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines, such as Miss Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding, and Visage, numerous radio programs, websites and has even appeared as an exclusive back-pain expert on NBC!

I have to say I personally learnt soooo much from these guys. I really  had no idea how to take care of my back, or what harm I was doing to it until I started listening to them!

And for a limited time... he wants to give YOU a real, physically shipped-to-your-doorstep copy of ‘The 7 Day Back Pain Cure’... absolutely f-r-e-e.
(check link for details of s&h)

Secure your copy of 7  Day Back Pain Cure Book now

I know you will want to know whats inside the book so here's just a TINY taste of what Jesse reveals..

  • The REAL reason you "threw your back out” (Hint: In 95% of cases it has NOTHING to do with what happened when it first started hurting!) Page 14
  • The 3 hidden, underlying causes of all back pain - If you don't understand and correct these mistakes - it's literally impossible to experience back pain relief without heavy medication! (Chapter 3)
  •  How to easily and quickly eliminate the problem caused by sitting all day - This “quick-n-easy” fix takes just a few seconds per day… and for many people can relieve back pain nearly instantly! (Chapter 4)
  •  Revealed: The real reason your doctors do NOT have YOUR best interests at heart (Warning: This "hush-hush" doctors-only secret is something your doctor will not... and can't... ever admit to!)
  • The #1 most overlooked cause of back pain which has NOTHING to do with muscle imbalances, back-blow-outs, diet, or genetics… yet can't be fixed with drugs, doctors-visits or even surgery. Chapters 5 and 14 reveal how to conquer this little-known back-killer!
  •  How to reduce the #1 dietary cause of back pain - Make a few EASY changes to your diet to reduce this back-pain causing "evil" and you'll not only reduce your back pain… you'll also drastically reduce your chances of developing heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's… as well as nearly any other degenerative disease you can think of! (Chapter 6)
  • The 6 types of "professionals" you've most likely dealt with already (or will in the future)… and why… if you're like most people… NONE of them can give you any long-term back pain relief by themselves (Chapter 8)
  • 6 easy-to-implement lifestyle changes you can make TODAY - Start these the day you read the book and you can begin watching your back pain disappear just a few days later! (Chapter 10)
  •  Why your irritating "trigger points" are causing much more damage than you think… plus… I'll reveal which of the top 3 solutions for banishing trigger points actually work! (Chapter 13)
  •  A little-known technique for "fighting gravity" - This 2,000 year old technique developed by Hippocrates is a time-tested and PROVEN solution for fighting and even eliminating back pain… in both the short-term AND long-term! Plus… 7 "add-on" extra benefits you'll experience with this technique (Chapter 13)
  •  Chapters 18-25 reveal specific “7-Day Action Plans” you can take to free yourself from the torment of lower back pain, upper back and neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction… as well as many others!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Do You Enjoy Helping Those In Need?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  If you already know Jesse – you'll know that he is an extremely honest, patient, generous and kind-hearted man. Best of all... with a wife and 8 kids... yes 8 -he's an amazing “family man”.

So when you get your copy of ‘The 7 Day Back Pain Cure’... not only are YOU benefiting from this life-changing information... he's also donating $1 to Habitat For Humanity or You get to choose.

Also  even if you dont have back problems ...but you know someone who does- what a lovely gift. That way you're helping whoever you get it for – PLUS giving to charity at the same time!

Check this out if you want to give to charity

 Again... this is a limited-time offer and I have no idea when he's going to take it down. I suggest you grab your copy before he does.

 P.S. When you secure your copy today... you'll also receive 5 amazing bonuses worth a real-life value of $125.97. What they are is a surprise for now though... more details on that below :)

  Get More Information on these bonuses here

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