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5 Reasons Why Fitness Boot Camps Work!

Posted Jun 23 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Fitness Bootcamps
By Kristen Nolan of I Luv My Body Fitness

We are in the full swing of summer now and this time of year is a great time to get started on achieving your health and fitness goals. If you are looking for a fun way to workout for the long term or to just give yourself a jump start, Fitness boot camps offer a challenging and motivating way to get in shape and meet other people just like yourself. I have been in the fitness industry for over 7 years now as a personal trainer and have recently started a boot camp program in San Francisco called "I Luv My body Fitness." In this boot camp I have seen women and men experience fantastic body changing results faster than any other method. 

1- Consistency and Accountability - Your workout results directly correlate with how consistent you are in implementing your exercise plan. (Just think of how many times you've blown the gym off in the past few months to get some extra work done in the office). When joining a fitness boot camp, you instantly have a support system of professional personal trainers who hold you accountable to showing up for your classes so you won't be tempted to skip them. 

2- Support and Motivation - When working out on your own it is easy not to push yourself to the limit with your weight and cardio vascular training. I often see people stop their strength training sets before pushing out those last few repetitions (which are the reps that matter the most). Boot Camps are staffed with trainers who know how to encourage you to work your hardest in class so you see body changes fast. Furthermore, Boot Camps bring like-minded women and men together to accomplish similar health and fitness goals. With this support system you cannot fail!

3- Variety of Exercises Offered - One of the biggest secrets to seeing incredible results from your workouts is through "muscle confusion" - integrating a variety of exercises and training styles into your workouts so your body never hits the dreaded plateau. 7 years ago I changed my own personal workouts from repetitive, slow, and boring cardio to calisthenics, (body weight exercises) and quick, intense cardio bursts. This variety of exercises tones your body, strengthens and burns fat fast. 
4- Professional Coaching
- Having a coach with you during your workouts to correct your movement patterns is essential to getting great results. Fitness trainers understand how your body works. This helps to avoid injuries that can occur over the long term from lack of proper exercise form.

5- Master Your Metabolism without dieting- Boot Camp workouts are fast and effective helping you to fire up your fat burning furnace through toning and endurance workouts. You'll be encouraged to work to your limit to burn the maximum amount of calories during class.

If you decide to try a fitness boot camp or any other type of
intense workout, here are 3 Tips you can use to avoid injuries during your exercise program  
1 - When starting a new exercise program, it is important to consult your chiropractor. I am a patient and work with the doctors at Executive Express Chiropractic in San Francisco . They can assess your posture and movement patterns and help you determine a safe level for you to begin your exercise plan.

2- Remain diligent about getting your post-workout static stretches in. I watch gym members rush to get in their last strength training set and skip out on their stretching all the time. 
Weight training leans and tones your body through muscular contractions. So, it is essential to stretch the muscles after weight training to avoid multiple days of muscle tightness and fatigue.  If you miss too many days of stretching it will eventually lead to injury.

3- If you do get injured during a workout despite being diligent about working at your own level and doing your post workout stretches, ice your injury (never heat) and go and see your chiropractor. Executive Express Chiropractic specialize in ART ( active release technique ) which will alleviate
muscle soreness and repair damaged cells. Art is a soft tissue, movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and nerves. ART breaks up scar tissue so you can get your full range of motion back to the muscles. It would even be smart to get this treatment done on a regular basis to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place from over-use (It’s what I do).

I wish you all the best of luck in your workouts this summer season! If you are interested in checking out what a fitness boot camp is all about, please see our offer for a free week of classes below. Remember that in order to get the results you want from your exercise plan you must be consistent and stay injury free.  Take it easy when you are starting a new program so your body can adapt to the new exercise variation and techniques and consult your doctor at Executive Express Chiropractic to get the best results.

If you would like to come and check out a Free Week of Boot Camp classes courtesy of "I Luv My Body Fitness" please visit: For more information about our boot camps or to download your free report on the "10 Quick Ways to Weight Loss" visit .

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