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5 minutes LAN seven points! ZhaoZhao seal throat and old uncle pass life be forced disintegration

Posted Jan 28 2013 2:25am
Beijing time 1 month and day, the lakers [micro bo] finally a little teams in the nature, and the boss of thunder shut, Bryant with quasi three pairs of data kept the lakers win at home. Of course the victory belongs to the credit of the whole team, and Nash [micro bo] the game 17 points 5 assists data let a person Nike Air Max 2013 shine at the moment, this which like 1/15/91? This is clearly attacker. In kobe Bryant change their roles, two consecutive send out 14 assists, original point guard Steve Nash is forced to convert their play with kobe Bryant. And before long, with sharp pass tear opponents defence of Nash, today use data to prove, oneself also have the ability to kill opponents score. The game until the fourth of the thunder regardless of the two wars to 75 flat, when after the start of the fourth quarter, Peter willing to do for others bottom drawer, Nash's stand, continuous pass from kobe Bryant after two record perimeter jumpers, help the lakers the lead stable situation. Thunder in the impending to only sent 4 points, Nash on the left side after Bryant's left hand after passing, dribbling flash on people, and then in the barca [micro bo] up to the Cheap Nike Air Max a2013 moment of prevention, Nash suddenly have a pause movement, the rhythm changes directly make the barca think Nash will pass, didn't dare up prevent and suddenly Nash again starting and accelerating directly kill to the basket, when his presence is a large open ground, then Nash to do is easy complete layup.Then although thunder immediately after the body has two points, but after the transition defense, kobe assists, Nash the breakthrough, meet wei little cap giant palm, back adjustable hand radian higher the ball high into the basket, from slow motion perspective, wei little cover almost to succeed, but Nash in the air of the strength to throw a ball into the sky, or somebody hollow into the basket. Continuous 4 points, although just help the lakers control points difference, not by rivals catch up, but to see the time has passed, the game 1 minute. And this 1 minute, almost secure is the moment, then in opponents foul, Nash two free throws, at this time, the lakers will be totally Nike Air Max 2012 win income bursa, in the last 5 minutes, Nash back his seven points, with own strength to the victory at the Los Angeles. Two consecutive win game, Nash contribution respectively 15 points and 17 points and 17 points is Nash since joining the lakers, the second high score. And kobe Bryant in the role of the interchange, from two games to see, and the results are good. Nearly forty years old uncle, be forced from one pass master magnificent transformation for attacking scorer, finally can and kobe Bryant perfect fusion, zijin army, the future's gonna look real good.Beijing time 1 month and day (Los Angeles time 27), a 105-96 victory over the thunder, the lakers [micro bo] finally Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 won the western conference's elite teams once. In the first four before and the west team 7 war, Los Angeles people without a win, today's victory apparently gave the lakers the full reason to celebrate. After the game, coach mike - from the dressing room. Anthony, out of the corners of the mouth is set in a satisfied smile. Not a few seconds, the lakers general manager mitch kupchak follow came out, his smile is not a little, but smile. The library is always have an acquaintance, slightly jokingly questions: "mickey, dressing room atmosphere today?" Library total not a smile, ha ha straight the kind of music. "Happy, everybody happy," kupchak said. "I can tell you that in the locker room, everyone is happy, this is I am seen their most happy again." Say that finish, the library always hang a smile out of the arena. Into the lakers' locker room, the inside of the players are hung laugh, Jordan - hill [micro bo] brace with double crutch stood in the dressing room, one among teammates take him KaiShuan, Dwight Howard run in the past, and play with him wrestling, is very happy.
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