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3 Week Post Operation Check-up

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
Amy went back to the hospital today for her post-operative check-up. It's been a little over three weeks since she had the operation.

Mr Williamson was pleased with her back. We'd been worried about a smaller curve towards the top of her spine that seems more obvious since the main curve was corrected (you can actually see it quite clearly on the "after" x-ray in my earlier post). Brad said this would probably correct itself over time, but that there was a 10% chance that she may have to have another operation in the future to correct the upper spine.

She still gets very tired after walking so they've taken some blood to test for anaemia (easily fixed with iron tablets). The numbness in her lower back is improving and Brad just restated that he had severed through a number of small nerves when he made the incision, this was normal, and would reduce over time. She's also all but stopped taking pain relief now, too.

Amy coughed when she was being examined so was sent for a chest x-ray to determine if the old chest infection everyone was so worried about immediately after the operation had returned. The x-ray came back clear, however.

We've got to go back in three months for another check up and more x-rays to see how things are developing. So all in all, good progress, but with some on-going worries about the smaller second curve in Amy's upper spine.
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