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The Baby Mum-Mum blog discusses everything to do with babies and parenting with a focus on child health and child development.
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Ask the Expert- PKU Diet and Mum Mum’s

For many years, Mum Mum’s has been dedicated to providing healthy, allergen free foods to help keep families healthy. Mum Mum’s has their own...

5 Ways to Manage Food Allergies

Anyone with a food allergy or a child with food allergies can attest to the fact that managing food allergies is no easy task.   There is hope,...

5 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

  If you are wondering how the holidays flew by so fast, you are not alone.  It seems months of anticipation build up only for the few short weeks...

Creating Healthy Holiday Treats for Kids

There is nothing like the smell of goodies baking in the oven during the holidays.  Cooking with your kids can evoke your own childhood memories...

6 Ways to Get Through the Holidays with Food Allergies

The holiday season is officially here, with lots of parties at school, family, friends, and neighbors’ houses. Of course these are joyful times...
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