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Having a Green Halloween

Thinking about a green Halloween? Green isn’t necessarily the color that comes to mind this time of year, but the thought of all those Halloween...

Ears to the Ground: Answers About Corn Concerns

Just like gluten, corn is in everything and about 99% of our food has some sort of corn derivative in it.  Sadly, about 88% of corn in the United...

Top 10 Food Allergens and Food Sensitivities

 Conflicting information currently exists regarding the avoidance of the top 10 food allergens during the first year of life, although it is...

Understanding Food Labels: Part 3

As part of our Understanding Food Labels series, we’ve delved into the significance of the listed ingredients, calories, and % Daily Values on a...

Understanding Food Labels: Part 2

In our first installment of Understanding Food Labels we started at the top, and will work our way through the rest of the label in part 2....
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