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Bangalore, India
I, Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan  am practicing as 'Ayurvedic Consultant' for last 30 years. I am staying at  the city -Pune , Maharashtra -India. I have done my graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery [B.A.M&S] and post graduate Fellowship of Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine... Full Bio
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Oct 20 2012 by Yog

Do u have treatment for 17 yr old girl whose pancreas is not producing insulin?

May 14 2012 by ayurveda
Now We have shifted to Bangalore, Karnataka.
Mar 05 2010 by ayurveda
   The principles of Ayurveda are an invaluable link to understanding, in detail, naturally healthy living. People everywhere are realizing the importance and benefits of taking personal responsibility for one's own well being, making Ayurveda the perfect system of health knowledge for today's world.