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Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives

Posted Jun 11 2012 9:00pm

There are a lot of vaccine books out there. Some bad. Some really bad. Some good. Some very, very long. One that I like that I’ve got on my desk at work is “Vaccine and Your Child. Separating Fact from Fiction” by Paul Offit and Charlotte Moser. It’s a good book for the new parent. Short sections take on the facts about vaccines in general and each specific vaccine.

A new book is in the works, to be published in August. Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives . This looks like a good one to recommend to the new parent.

Here’s the blurb:

Parents can easily be bombarded by conflicting messages about vaccines a dozen times each week. One side argues that vaccines are a necessary public health measure that protects children against dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. The other side vociferously maintains that vaccines are nothing more than a sop to pharmaceutical companies, and that the diseases they allegedly help prevent are nothing more than minor annoyances. An ordinary parent may have no idea where to turn to find accurate information.

Your Baby’s Best Shot is written for the parent who does not have a background in science, research, or medicine, and who is confused and overwhelmed by the massive amount of information regarding the issue of child vaccines. New parents are worried about the decisions that they are making regarding their children’s health, and this work helps them wade through the information they receive in order to help them understand that vaccinating their child is actually one of the simplest and smartest decisions that they can make.

Covering such topics as vaccine ingredients, how vaccines work, what can happen when populations don’t vaccinate their children, and the controversies surrounding supposed links to autism, allergies, and asthma, the authors provide an overview of the field in an easy to understand guide for parents.

In an age when autism diagnoses remain on the rise, when a single infectious individual can help spark an epidemic in three countries, when doctors routinely administer an often bewildering array of shots, and when parents swear their babies were fine until their first dosage of the MMR, the authors hope this book will serve as a crucial resource to help parents understand this vitally important issue.

You can read more on their facebook page .

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