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You know it's time to clean when your house smells like dirty socks!

Posted May 14 2009 1:48pm
Yup! That's a sure fire sign that some serious cleaning needs to be done. After the great flood ( click here for that crazy story ), I have been trying to clean up. Well, that is easier said than done since I am at Mom's house from 9-5 then stopping by Mandy's house to help her with the kids and dinner. This gets me home around 8 or 9 PM every night. Yeah, not alot of cleaning going on at my house.

To top it off, Michael has this pimped out wet/dry vac. You would think that would be good to have when your house gets flooded, right? I swear you need a college degree to work that thing. I couldn't figure out how to get it on the wet part so I didn't electrocute myself. So , I did what any woman who came home from a long day to find her house flooded would do. I used every towel that we own to start mopping up the water. (Just fyi, we don't own enough towels ). This got a couple of main rooms done enough for us to inhabit them again.

Last night we arrived home to find one nasty smell coming out of our house. It smelled like wet dirty socks. Really awful! I did mention that I have not been home long enough to do laundry ( we will be naked soon but that is another post altogether). In addition to still having water in the outer room, all those towels have been sitting there wet. Yuck!!!

This leaves me no choice but to move and leave everything there! LOL! Really, this leaves me no choice but to stay up uber late for the next few days and get the house clean. Did I mention that the wonderful storm also blew our recycling all over the yard so I need to get that up before tomorrow? The bright side is that when I wake up for Sunday School this weekend, my house will be clean and smell better. Let's hope I get to do some real laundry too. If not, we will be the naked family in the middle pew at church. Pastor Ron always tells us that God doesn't care what you wear to church! HAHAHAHAHA!
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