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Yahoo News "Can You Prevent Autism" Mentions Pregnancy Flu Shots as Risk Factor

Posted Aug 01 2012 12:00am

Yahoo Managing Editor's note: Valerie Isakova, Yahoo Shine Parenting Editor had a "home page" feature yesterday called, "Can you prevent autism?" which naturally caught my eye. I clicked into the article expected to see simply the word, "NO." To my surprise, Isakova brings forth tough questions and even dares (I wonder if she knew what a risk she was taking) to question vaccination while pregnancy following the NYT article this weekend asking if autism is an immune disorder,   The NYT article glosses over the two 20th century major medical advances that have affected our immune systems - vaccinations and antibiotics - but raises intriguing questions nonetheless. (Perhaps the deletion (ha ha genetics joke) of the word vaccination from the article is how it got published?)  It even mentions the use of parasites to return the system to its "earlier" (healthier) biological state, a treatment many of us learned about more than three years ago at Autism One. And one derided by those who refuse to acknowledge or review any treatments for autism - and in fact look to remove them from the market.  So thank you to Ms. Isakova for writing this piece.  She did what journalists used to do regularly - asked questions. We hope to see more. 

For the past few decades, autism has been one of the scariest mysteries of parenting, with debate swirling around its definition, how rapidly the epidemic is growing, and most urgently, what causes it. 

That's why we were surprised to read a claim this weekend by science writer Moises Velasquez-Manoff in the opinion section of The New York Times that scientists have figured it out: In at least a third of cases, autism is an auto-immune disorder that starts in the womb.

"The mother's attempt to repel invaders - her inflammatory response - seems at fault," the story says. A range of maternal issues from disorders like celiac disease, asthma and arthritis to getting sick during pregnancy in the most common ways--flu, urinary tract infections--have been shown to be significant risk factors for autism.

The story is a science-writer's synthesis (informed by a wide and reputable body of science) but has far-reaching implications for all pregnant women. Most surprisingly, it includes a twist on the autism-and-vaccines story, which is that the mother being vaccinated, even for common things like the flu, could be a risk factor for autism.

Current CDC guidelines and most obstetricians recommend routine vaccination during pregnancy...

Read the full article by Valerie Isakova, Shine Parenting Editor HERE.

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