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World Autism Awareness Day 2014

Posted Apr 02 2013 3:25am

If past is prologue very little awareness of the harsher realities of autism symptoms will be generated on this WAAD, April 2, 2013.  Next year, in 2014,  and for years thereafter, the streamlined DSM5 autism will also eliminate many on the very high functioning and low functioning ends of the autism spectrum. 
It is unfortunate that in the DSM5 Autism Spectrum Disorder definition the American Psychiatric Association is revising the medical definition of autism spectrum disorder in ways that are expected to change its diagnostic characteristics. There is no good reason to wreck havoc on autism research and diagnosis by redefining yet again what we are talking about when we say "autism".  
The autism disorder picture, already muddied and muddled by "self" advocates and others who promote autism as a blessing,  will have even less real meaning as the APA, without any scientific or ethical reason, eliminates the most severe cases of autism from future diagnosis. Autism research, already challenged by previous DSM definition changes and alleged increased awareness, will become increasingly challenged.  
The actions of the APA in redefining autism in the DSM5 reflect the intellectual biases of the APA drafters, are in breach of the "first do no harm" principle and  are unethical. Be aware of that on this World Autism Awareness Day 2013 and prepare for a new autism on WAAD 2014, one that will look much different than the autism about which the world is expected to become more aware today.
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