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World Autism Awareness Day 2010 (and Murray's take on being autistic)

Posted Apr 02 2010 9:38am
Today, April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day.

To see how Autism is being highlighted around the world today click here .

We were watching our friend Lisa on TV3 this morning talking about the new Grace App she has developed in conjunction Steven Troughton-Smith and supported by O2. This amazing autism App is enabling non-verbal autistic children to communicate more easily.

Murray was sitting with us all watching Lisa and asked what was special about today (apart of course from being Good Friday) and we told him about World Autism Awareness Day! He sat and listened and then said "But I'm autistic too!". So his Mom asked him "what does being autistic mean Murray?". So he sat and thought about it, and thought some more (and he does) and then he said .... "well I like yellow t-shirts ...."

and he then proceeded to get all his yellow t-shirts and take photos of himself in all his yellow t-shirts! As he has a lot - this took some time! To Max in South Africa (whose yellow lion t-shirt arrived in the post today and who dedicated his post to us today - thank you so much for his latest yellow t-shirt!). JD and Max , Petey , Hootie & Baby Rocket Dog and to a lot of other friends (who wish to remain anonymous) - thank you all for adding to his collection! Yellow is certainly the NSLM's favourite colour! To be worn every day !!!!

Speaking of collections .... that was the second thing about being autistic that Murray pointed out to us ... he really does like his collections ...
He has his collection of dolphin postcards and photos and elephant photos and postcards! He has a huge collection of Disney collectibles - all lined up and laid out in a very specific order! Then he has his collection of little animals - elephants again but also seals and tortoises! Anytime we travel he looks out for another little elephant or hippo or tortoise! Then of course there is his Spongebob Squarepants collection .... Then he looked around him and said "well I have Clive because I am autistic and I need him"

So for Murray being autistic means wanting to wear yellow t-shirts all the time, and loving all things yellow. It means dolphins and elephants and talking to whales.
It means going to Disneyland over and over and having a huge collection of Disney characters - it means collecting every single Spongebob Squarepants thing that he can find ....

It means having Clive and loving him. It means having a sister who is always looking out for him and helping him and playing with him and putting up with him! It means having two parents who wouldn't change him or swap him for "all the tea in China". Murray being autistic means that we his family and his dog today - World Autism Awareness Day 2010 - celebrate having Murray - who is autistic and proud of that fact! Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

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