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With Flu Season Over, Canada Shows Flu Vaccinations To Be Worse Than Worthless

Posted May 17 2010 12:00am

Looney By David M. Burd

Last September, a large study by Canadian scientists Danuta Skowronski and Gaston De Serres threw Canada into an uproar with their findings showing people who had prior "seasonal flu" shots were much more likely to come down with newly appeared H1N1 (Swine) flu illness.

When the dust had settled every Provincial Health Department but one, New Brunswick, declared seasonal flu shots would not be given until perhaps January of the new year, with only the new H1N1 vaccine immediately rushed into service.  As it turned out by January first new flu cases had sunk to essentially zero so the seasonal flu shot became a moot point, having little appeal.  

All this was front page in newspapers across Canada, yet was completely ignored by the U.S. Health establishment and news media, illustrating the usual policy by officials at the the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to keep the American public in the dark.  In other words just follow orders from CDC Generals, don't ask questions, and in the immortal words of NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman on national TV, "just take your damn flu shot."

Nevertheless, Canada with no effort at all became the perfect National Trial to illustrate the benefits, or risks, of the usual seasonal flu shot so zealously recommended by American authorities, a vaccination policy that has expanded like a cancer, from limited use a few years ago to now virtually the entire population, and with the first week of every December proclaimed by the CDC to be National Flu Vaccination Week.

The results are in, and shatter the touted benefit claimed by flu shot advocates.  New Brunswick's populace, the only Province in Canada urging people to take the seasonal flu vaccine early last October, came down with 50% higher flu sickness compared those Provinces that did not take the shot.  This is shown by the prior four years flu data compiled weekly by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and comparing all of Canada's flu cases to cases only in New Brunswick.  Anybody can access the informative official website called Canada Fluwatch and check for themselves, though it's a sure bet U.S. CDC officials will not even peek at anything across the border and counter to their in-house dogma. 

In fact, last October in a world-wide teleconference to discuss Skowronski's and De Serres' Canada Study, U.S. CDC participants said they could not find any flaws in the Canada Study but nevertheless, no matter, Skowronski and De Serres just had to be incorrect.  Is it not wonderful American citizens have such inquisitive, open minds at CDC? -- "just take your damn flu shot."

The analysis is straightforward: Prior to this last flu season, New Brunswick (with a population 2.27% of Canada) for years has comprised 3.41% of Canada's flu cases  There is this consistent, distinctly higher rate as weather patterns are distinctly different for the Maritime Province of New Brunswick compared with the inland Provinces, and because sunshine exposure (providing Vitamin D) proven to be a direct correlation to flu sickness, thus different sun exposure results in different immunity conferred by Vitamin D.

Last September, with the new H1N1 flu strain added into the mix, only New Brunswick citizens were urged to take the regular shot.  With flu season now over, they have registered 5.13% of all Canada's 2009 - 2010 flu cases, a 50% increase over their historical record (5.13% compared to 3.41%).  But, this dramatically higher flu sickness for New Brunswick is actually understated.  Why?  Because, despite urging, perhaps half the New Brunswick citizens always decline flu shots.  Thus, it can logically be argued that if everybody in New Brunswick took the shot (not just half the people) then flu percentage rates would have risen even higher over the rest of Canada than they in fact did.

What New Brunswick also illustrates is that not only are billions of dollars uselessly spent every year in the U.S. for flu shots themselves, but many more billions of dollars are spent for illness and hospitalization actually caused by the flu shots, and almost certainly unnecessary vaccine-originated flu associated mortality, along with other untold illness and physical damage.

As most Americans can testify, even into April there have been public service announcements still urging Americans to go get a flu shot, as there are literally 300 million unused doses sitting on the shelf.  Yet, for decades it has been proven, and ignored by U.S. Health Authorities that a depletion of Vitamin D comes about in early/mid Winter, and with this depletion the body's defenses weaken and allow flu and colds to manifest.  It is willful negligence for authorities to ceaselessly advocate toxic, mercury-laden flu shot agenda to virtually everybody including 6-month old babies, while at the same time never mentioning a single word about nutrition, sunshine, and Vitamin D. "Just take your damn flu shot."

David (DB) Burd's professional achievements span four decades of technology innovation, design, and trouble-shooting with various engineering firms, blended with a parallel career of consulting and innovation in energy-related products having an emphasis on utility conservation for homes and communities, and has concentrated the last decade on medical technology and related topics. These corporate and consulting activities followed an initial eight years of positions in the national defense arena.

Notable accomplishments have been in development of optical character readers, compact disk technology, thermal solar panels, compact fluorescent lighting, and energy/utilities consulting emphasizing use of energy-efficient products and habits. 

After experience as a U.S. Patent Examiner in medical technology, DB currently consults with clients on emerging surgical devices related to intellectual property rights (patents) including novelty, infringement, and validity.

DB was in the first graduating class of "rocket scientists," with a BSME in Mechanical Engineering and Astronautical Sciences from Northwestern University; he principally resides in Alexandria, Virginia, near the U.S. Patent Office, with his small farm in Berkeley County, West Virginia having organic apple trees, blackberries, beef calves, and a barn with eight inactive horse stalls.
Other activities include being a Master Gardener (certificate by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture), and 20 years a certified Hike Leader affiliated with several hiking organizations promoting protection of the natural environment, and enjoying trails from the Potomac River Valley near Washington, DC, into the Blue Ridge Mountains. DB also writes on medical topics, and provides analytical expertise and articles to organizations involved in major public health issues.

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