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Winner - Hard Working Dog Category and Readers Choice!

Posted Feb 06 2010 6:58am
We were dancing around the house in excitment over Mango Minister! To win the Hard Working Dog Category and also Readers Choice! We just jumped up and down with excitment!

Murray gave me to biggest kiss for making him so proud! He's just learnt what the word 'proud' means so he was delighted to be able to tell me - "You've made me very PROUD Clive"! He's been telling me that all morning!

We didn't find out till late last night because we had gone to the cinema to see The Princess and the Frog. Murray had been checking in so often on the voting that we thought a little break away was a good idea - every time he saw a new vote for me got so excited that we were getting worried for the 'windows' in the house!

We loved The Princess and the Frog - but perhaps for one very special reason more than any other! The film begins with a shining star and the words 'when you wish upon a star' ...

The NSLM jumped up from his seat and pointed to the screen and shouted out - in a very loud and clear voice (which he can have when you least expect him to use) - "I wish for Max to get better" - of coursesome wise guy in the audience (it was a packed cinema) shouted out in reply "Heywhose Max" to which the NSLM stood up again and exclaimed to the whole audience - "He's my friend in South Africa and he's dying" - wellthat kind of had an impact!

We got through the film with Murray totally enjoying it and his Mom feeling very emotional and then just at the very end of the film when the star is shining brightly in the sky again and the wishes of Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana are coming through - the NSLM stood up one last time and shouted out again "I wish Max to get betterStar" to which we got a round of applause for you Max. We left the cinema with his Mom in tears but I was very proud of my NSLM - we're using that word a lot today!
We know that the news on Max is really bad today - we know that he is not getting better - the NSLM does know that now but it doesn't stop him wishing upon a star for a miracle!

We hope that the time that Max has with his family is the best that he can have and that these last few days provide precious memories for them.

Finallythank you again to Judge Tula and to all our fantastic friends around the world who voted for us in the Hard Working Dog category! You have really made the NSLM and me feel very honoured and the NSLM very very PROUD indeed of me.

We are thrilled to be included in such a fantastic line up for Best in Show! You can imagine the excitment here ....

We've just gone to watch the NLSM's sister play a football match in the rain ... you can see the nervous tension building already in our faces ....

- Clive and the NSLM
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