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Will You Let Politicians Sacrifice Your Child?

Posted Feb 22 2011 7:24pm

Will You Let Politicians Sacrifice Your Child ? is the title of an article by Howard Margolis.

The piece brings up some very good points and is well worth the read. In the US, we are facing cutbacks on support for the disabled. The time to fight about this is now.

Unless parents of children with special needs do something quickly, unless they start to deal with budgetary problems and stop buying into the false belief that this country is broke, their children will be sacrificed on the unfounded altars of “tax cuts for the rich” and “austerity” for everyone else.

There is at least one point I disagree with, but the idea that we have the money to continue the levels of support we have (which are not high), is a good one:

This country is rich. It has plenty of money. If it didn’t, it couldn’t have given huge tax cuts to the upper 1% of wealthy (who get about 24% of America’s annual income). If it didn’t, it couldn’t give politicians such rich pensions. If it didn’t, corporations couldn’t get away with paying little or no taxes. If it didn’t, hedge fund managers wouldn’t have a 15% tax cap on most of their income. If it didn’t, Wall Street and banker bonuses wouldn’t be astronomical. If it didn’t, Albert Pujols couldn’t hold out for $300,000,000. If it didn’t, in 2010 the U. S. Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have spent more than $70,000,000 to defeat the Democrats.

He quotes an earlier piece he wrote, and I repeat it here:

Ignore bumper sticker phrases like ‘reduce taxes,’ ‘higher standards,’ ‘throw the bums out.’ These are usually shorthand phrases for inflaming anger or bigotry and gaining political power, not phrases for strengthening knowledge or insight and improving lives…. Instead, read about and study policies that will help your children and then become politically active in supporting them. Keep holding politicians accountable: keep asking them questions, keep examining their votes, keep examining the bills they offer, keep calling them, keep withholding support for those whose actions don’t immediately help your child and other children, keep supporting those whose actions do, join and actively support organizations that support your views. Consider running for office so you can institute and support policies that help children. Learn, learn, learn. And share your learning. Keep writing to newspapers and magazines and blogs. Call radio shows. Let them know what you think and why: provide compelling facts and logic, not bitterness and bluster. Help schools to get the resources they need to help your child and all children; then keep holding the schools accountable for their actions. If they have the resources, they should have the accountability. Do the same for state agencies that are supposed to serve adults with disabilities…. And so you must advocate hard for your child’s needs, for the needs of all children. And you must keep advocating: respectfully, forcefully, intelligently, knowledgeably, and persistently.

State budgets, local budgets, federal budgets, school budgets—they are all facing a decline due to lost revenue. That just means that now is the time to fight.

Again, read the full piece , it’s worth it.

  1. stanley seigler:
    [LBRB say] Will You Let Politicians Sacrifice Your Child?...The time to fight about this is now. Past time! Here are posts to another list...apologies if this posted here to another LBRB is specific to CA-USA...but believe it is applicable to all USA states and perhaps other world governments... stanley seigler ref #1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Veery interesting...Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan, CEO) say CA deficit is 1% of states GDP...thus could reduce the deficit with a 1% tax increase... and i add the 1% could sunset when the economy picks up. it is not as simple as it seems and devils in details...but neither is it as difficult as gov/legs who pander to “no new tax crew” make it...and let the least eat cake in the snake pit to which their cuts condemn them. but then what would the legs, gov, advocates do with their free time...maybe fix a bureaucracy at its worst. ie; [CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities, SCDD 2007-11 Plan say] Overwhelming complexity is a defining characteristic of California’s government services...It is bureaucracy at its worst...costly, inefficient and in many cases unaccountable... and provide quality programs for our most vulnerable, quality education for all...among other positive actions. ref #2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The budget process is on a fast track because [CA] Governor Brown wants the Legislature to act quickly to approve his 2011-2012 State budget proposal that contains about $12.5 billion in cuts in State general fund spending (includes fund shifts) and about that amount in revenues largely due to a proposed 5 year extension in temporary tax increases. [ref say] COMMENT how about an additional $750M tax increase vice a $750M cut to programs for old, po, disabled folks...actually a tax increase for them...reduces their disposable poverty level income... same as tax increases do to rich folks and corps...the $750M tax increase to BP, BP, exxon-etal, is chump change to their bottom line...but life threating to the least.

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