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Why we no longer Vaccinate, and Why you can't trust "Science, and Public Health"

Posted Apr 23 2011 9:00pm
I have never been one to go with the flow, I have started to question what is going on. I think we should all do that  more and more each day, in Fact I think that it is healthy as individuals to question why things are done a certain way. I don't think it's wrong to question, it's the normal behavior...the curiosity that lives with in each person here on earth.

I start to wonder why people just say what they think they know...only because clearly "there side" can't be wrong.....because they have tons of scientific documents that support their cause. There is a big problem with Public Health in general. I am talking about ALL Public Health official...because after all they are ALL brainwashed into thinking that there clearly couldn't be ANYTHING wrong with vaccines. After all vaccines are here to help us, the greatest scientific discovery ever.

Ever wonder why there is disease? It's because we have SIN in the world, and as long as there are people...there is going to be denying that...this is my personal belief...if you don't believe the's in there.

So back to my theory about happens for a there is no reason why we should try to "combat it " with vaccines...In fact there is a better way to help the natural immunity to be built up within an individual ...that is ti use Homeopathic remedies, and even before eat a healthy diet.

We don't need to add anything to our make our bodies stronger.....we shouldn't try to "fix" something that shouldn't be fixed by "man's way of doing things.

I am not being hypocritical.....I am trying to fix my son from what has been done to him...he has been poisoned by vaccines...and not a vaccine maker or a doctor that I have asked ...has been willing to concede that it happened... or willing to help, except for his homeopath/MD or recent time.

It's all funded by Pharmaceutical companies....pushing the big bill....of "let's pop a pill... whenever they want...and doctors are simply complying with them.

More vaccine makers now-a-days are making more money off doctors...wining and dining them during their lunch hours.....pushing the next round of make a push it on unsuspecting newbie moms and dads....thinking they are doing the "right thing" for their child's health.

I have seen it with my own eyes...I wanted to march right up to that "pusher" and tell her to take a hike!
She was being so pushy and taking the Dr's time right before my appointment. It was like she was doing a sales 30 that the Dr.  would  order up some more vaccines.

Personally I think it's false advertising, and vaccine advertising should be banned around schools, around kids...just like cigarette advertising is banned near schools.

Why we don't vaccinate

We no longer vaccinate simply because my son had vaccine injuries every time he was vaccinated, and not a single doctor asked if it could be vaccines causing his sickness....not a single one wanted to help....not a single one wanted to find out why my child was sick.

Vaccines are filled with "fillers" that are not healthy for the child. The Military likes to keep old vaccines on the shelf, even ones that have been recalled....

they like to give then in combined shots...which is never safe to do...there have been NO studies to prove the safety of vaccines this way.

You can't trust's is an example
Paul Thorsen ..... leading researcher guy who ran away with all the research money.....he is in trouble with the law...and why isn't anyone SCREAMING that the research needs to be done again because now it is not creditable.

I asked a Dr...when I was pregnant with my son...if Autism was related to vaccines...and she said "no"--- began her spill about hearsay...and where us she now? She isn't helping me with my autistic son.....she isn't there ti say "I am sorry I was wrong"

In the must  trust your instincts as a parent, and never a Dr...who is getting paid by pharmaceutical companies to push their product....

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