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Why am I oblivious to drama?

Posted Apr 24 2013 10:06pm
I don't really understand Internet drama... alliances, flame wars, all of that--it flies over my head. I guess it's related to my being autistic, but I'm actually rather surprised at how much other autistic people seem to engage in it, even those who seem to be more obviously autistic than I am.

More than once I've found myself in an online community only to find people taking sides and taking it personally, and by the time I realized there was a flame war going on, people were taking sides and accusing me of betraying one side or the other before I even realized any sides existed. I don't notice people's social status nor the respect they command from others. When it comes down to it, maybe I'm lucky. I stick to information exchange and I learn more from listening to everyone than if I were to define some people as friends and others as foes.

I'm not that
much more affected, in terms of theory of mind, than other autistics... or am I? How do people manage to keep all these things in mind--who said what, who thinks what about you, who likes you and who doesn't? It is just too much for me to juggle, all of those perspectives. Is there anyone else out there who's like me, who simply isn't capable of factionalism?
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