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Who is Dr. Andrew Wakefield?

Posted May 01 2011 12:00am

Vaccine Epidemic - cover high res By Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland

 The co-editors of Vaccine Epidemic are chagrined by the misinformation about the vaccine debate in mainstream media.  This Sunday’s New York Times magazine story “The Crash and Burn of an Autism Guru” achieved a new low. ( New York Times Magazine Dr. Andrew Wakefield )  In chapter 25 of Vaccine Epidemic, entitled “Who is Dr. Andrew Wakefield,” Mary Holland presents a decidedly different, fully referenced account of the facts leading up to and concluding with the General Medical Council’s verdict to deprive Dr. Wakefield of his medical license.  While the chapter was written before the January 2011 British Medical Journal attacks, and thus does not discuss them, it does set the record straight on the events through 2010.

With our deepest appreciation to Skyhorse Publishing , we are proud to make this chapter available.  After reading the chapter and footnotes, you may wonder why the New York Times and others have failed to ask obvious questions and to conduct proper due diligence.  The stakes could not be higher. It is up to us to find and share the truth when the mainstream media fails us so miserably.

Vaccine Epidemic

Chapter 25 – Who is Dr. Andrew Wakefield?

By Mary Holland, JD

If you’ve heard Dr. Wakefield’s name—and you probably have—you’ve heard two tales. You’ve heard that Dr. Wakefield is a charlatan, an unethical researcher, and a huckster who was “erased” from the British medical registry and whose 1998 article on autism and gastrointestinal disease was “retracted” by a leading medical journal. You’ve also heard a very different story, that Dr. Wakefield is a brilliant and courageous scientist, a compassionate physician beloved by his patients, and a champion for families with autism and vaccine injury. What’s the truth?

Continue reading chapter 25… ( Vaccine Epidemic Ch 25 on Dr. Andrew Wakefield )

Read the footnotes… ( Vaccine Epidemic Ch 25 Footnotes )

Buy the book… ( Vaccine Epidemic from Skyhorse Publishing at Amazon )

Review an outline of chapter 25:

  • Background on the Controversy
  • The Allegations Against Dr. Wakefield

-        Failure to Disclose Payment from Litigators

-        “Medical Necessity” and Ethical Clearances

-        The Lancet 12’s Referrals

-        Control Blood Samples from a Child’s Birthday Party

  • The Meaning of the Wakefield Prosecution

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