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Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Posted Feb 27 2013 10:00am

role modelGuilty confession time. I am not a grown up.

I am still very much a kid who doesn’t know what life will look like when I grow up. I’m not even sure I ever will grow up and I’m not too certain that I want to.

Just like any child at school who has a list of heroes, pictures of firemen, and a letter from the president to embody want they want to be when they grow up, I have a list of role models that I look up to, both in and out of my field. I wanted to use this week’s blog post identifying who they are and why I look up to them!

Jamie George at the George Center

Jamie and I have known of each other (or at least I remembered her awesome hair from Georgia meetings when I was in undergrad) for a while, but we didn’t really start talking until after national conference in 2011. What a waste of time! Jamie makes the list because her business is incredible and an inspiration to me and mine, and because she taught me how to bill insurance. She is also an incredible person to count as a friend!

Kat Fulton at Sound Health Music

If you want to meet a music therapist who goes out there and knocks it out of the park on a daily basis, you need to meet Kat Fulton. I’m consistently inspired by her creativity, drive, and ability to work 18+ hours a day on her projects. She makes me simultaneously motivated and tired and I am so glad that I can call her friend. She is revolutionizing our field and I just hope that I can one day cause a fraction of the change that she has.

Judy Simpson and Dena Register

A few years ago when I first became involved in our task force activities, we had a continuing education course on advocacy. Judy Simpson and Dena Register were flying into Columbia to present, and I was invited to dinner with them with the rest of the Columbia delegation. I was more nervous about that than I was about meeting Ben Folds. They are the Goddesses of All Things Advocacy. They can write eloquent, yet devastatingly factual rebuttals to any argument against music therapy recognition, and simultaneously bolster your hopes when you just feel tired. These ladies crusade for a cause, and I want to one day wave a triumphant banner around like they do!

All of the wonderfully thorough and thoughtful music therapists that I know

If you’ve met me, you know that I can have a tendency to say whatever comes to my mind. I’m not the most thorough or thoughtful when it comes to spontaneous conversation, but I absolutely love to talk. So many of my colleagues are wonderful think before speakers, and I really hope that I can one day grow up to be one of them. Maybe that will happen if I ever get my masters? Doubtful.

That’s the short list. I obviously have many many more music therapists and people that I look to as role models, but that would take a lot more than one blog post!

Who are your role models? They can be in your field, family, state, country, anything! Share in the comments!

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