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When Rampant Emotionalism, Threats, and Lawsuits are What Greet the Media and Professionals who Speak About Autism, WTF Did you

Posted Apr 13 2010 2:26pm
"I found it interesting that most news reports didn't include a doctor explaining the disorder and what was being done.  Has the medical community just gotten tired of interviews where all they can say is that they have no answers?" Anne Dachel, in her coverage of the press coverage of Autism Awareness .

Dachel kvetches that the coverage is bleh. Since there isn't enough emotionalism in the press reports, she provides it
"None of the stories I presented said a word about preventing autism but as these kids age into adulthood, we will grow desperate to stop autism from affecting more children because it has the potential to bankrupt our country.  I can't think of another situation in history where a disease or disorder struck a generation of children and they became dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care for life.  The last famous epidemic was polio in the 1950s.  One in 3,000 Americans were affected but most recovered and went on to lead productive lives.  I had an aunt and a cousin who got polio.  Both women got married and held jobs.  The same won't be said about the hundreds of thousands of American children with autism.  I think it's time to change WAAD to SAND...Stop Autism Now Day."

The irony of one of the organizations that has worked tirelessly to scare the shit out of society regarding vaccines bringing up the polio epidemic is rich, is it not? And especially the way she manages to downplay the damage that polio did. Nice work.

I know, I know, she's pissed because the vaccine crap didn't get the play she thought it should and that's what she really means by prevention of autism. It got no media play because it's wrong, and they've wizened up enough that unless they parrot what this extreme group wants to hear, they will be subjected to rampant emotionalism, threats, and lawsuits. It's no longer worth the cost. So thanks, Age of Autism, Gen Res, TACA, and other organizations that have managed to put a lid on autism awareness in such a way that there is little discussion of autism, and completely inadequate discussion of vocational training, support, and assistance for those autistic individuals who are in their early adulthood. Your focus on vaccines and woo have done far more to hurt the autistics in our midst than an unaware society. You certainly haven't promoted awareness of the challenges autistics face. Your focus has been all about the parents and the vaccines and your inability to adjust when the evidence shows you being wrong makes people view your organizations as less credible. Nice.
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