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What will Apple iPhone be like in the future

Posted May 23 2013 9:27am

There for Apple's expectations are always so high, because it is the only jobs created Apple and not other brands. But history tells us is that the Apple iPhone will tend to have a two-year update cycle. That is no accident, then, iPhone5S will still be a relatively minor upgrade of iPhone5, no one can speak good but who won't be the iPhone 6? In addition, it is not know whether Apple's next generation iPhone would debut at WWDC.

Today, Apple is no longer a top of Apple 3 years ago, at the product level, once its much-needed innovation to prove itself. Like Siri iPhone4S to join before, these impressive innovations are helping Apple to address the crux of the problem. Areas in which Apple's next generation iPhone can break it? PhoneDog wrote about this proposed five core innovation.

1. Durability increased

Apple iPhone5 despite the use of ultra thin aluminum fuselage, painting the door but it has failed to escape out of the ending. Current Sony Xperia product z, Huawei Ascend D2 this have already begun-style features are supported, so Apple can also punch in this regard, allow consumers to use more secure, was impressed by iPhone vulnerable no longer exists.

2, larger displays

Apple iPhone5 screen up to 4 inches, but are still too small for most users, and the screen ratio is very puzzling. Current Android products have entered a 5-inch 1080p, and Apple iPhone screen size, screen pixels to enhance at the same time adding some narrow border design, the effect must be very different. However, if the new iPhone 5 has a bigger size than iPhone 5, so you can not use cute iPhone 5 cases to dress up your iPhone 5S.

3, changing the iOS system interface

Crossroads of the iOS system has come to have to change. Despite the Visual icon brings us a lot of convenience on, but over the years the stone have had a deep sense of Visual fatigue users. Apple currently favored to be equipped with new flat-style icon.


4, increased battery life

Today's smartphones are increasingly slim, Apple iPhone5 are no exception. However, battery life will be reduced because of the reduced the thickness of, if Apple can make achievements in this regard, therefore, will certainly make recognition of Apple products.

5, joined unprecedented design

All along, the Apple iPhone is not a big change in design, the biggest change was the 3.5-inch screen stretch to 4-inch screen. So if Apple could design some improved results will be much better. More exposure now is Apple's Home keys will adopt the Sapphire design, and would join the finger scan feature, or that Apple might consider double-sided design of smart phones, users are able to operate the mobile phone on the back of the fuselage.

Of course, these proposals are Phonedog fantasy scenarios, but also precisely tell the voices of a lot of people for the future Apple innovations, don't know whether Cook will accept such a proposal?

Apple Developer Conference will be opened next month, apart from the most talked about debut iOS 7 will debut, a new MacBook Air OS x 10.9, also will see you.

Taiwan chain gives latest news revealed that new MacBook Air will be at WWDC 2013 debut, and it sure is not equipped with Retina the retina screen.

Then Taiwan e-times also gave the same message that the new MacBook Air with MBA and now there is not much difference, just the fuselage detail with minor adjustments, latest Haswell and powered by Intel processors.


Many analysts believe that adding a Retina display look like a breeze on the MBA, but this display will add more additional costs, undermining its ultra thin design, there will also be a serious depletion of its battery life. For Apple, trying to balance the Retina display and the autonomy and achieve the most precise design, is no small challenge.

Judging from the current situation, a new generation of MacBook Air will be WWDC debut in 2013 the only hardware. Of course than this, we are most concerned about is the rumored in flat design of iOS7. If you want to learn more information about iPhone 5S, you can go to this website

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