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What they did in Boston!

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:51pm
In Boston, there was Catie in the Copley ...

We have to acknowledge with huge thanks and appreciation the wonderful attention and service that we got at the Fairmont Copley Plaza - in particular the kindness of Daniel on Reception. When we arrived in the hotel - Daniel was the first person we met and he made us so welcome and looked after the 'little man' so well!

On our first evening there was a fruit and vegetable market just across from the hotel - about to finish up for the day - and the little man had spotted his favourite flowers - 'sunflowers'! As his Mum went over to see if she could buy one for him - the lady kindly offered him one - no charge! After three nights at the Copley - we left for New Hampshire but left the sunflower behind in the room!

Back in the Copley - tanned (for the first time ever!) with Catie and Daniel's sunflower!

When we returned to the Copley two weeks later - Daniel had (1. changed his shift to make sure he was on duty to meet the 'little man' and 2. bought a sunflower especially for the little man as he knew he had been upset leaving the other one behind!). We were so touched with Daniel and the service we got at the Copley!

Murray loved taking Catie out for a walk .....

getting her to sit for photos just like Clive does with him!

taking Catie to see all the local tourist spots (as if she doesn't see them often enough!)

and playing with Catie in the foyer of the hotel ....

But aside from playing with Catie - he was great at doing some of the things that the rest of the family wanted to do - once there was incentives like ice-cream (at the end of some shopping for his sister!)

and his absolute favourite 'American' activity (apart from whale-watching) going to Barnes & Noble and Borders! Again, we have to thank hugely the great staff in Barnes & Noble and Borders and we visited a lot of them - at the Copley Centre, on Washington Street, on Newbury Street, in North Conway, in Hyannis .... you get the idea! Murray loves books and collecting his particular favourites and the staff we met were always so helpful and attentive!

The street entertainment delighted him too ....

and in particular the water at the Rose Kennedy memorial walkway....

and we can't leave Boston without mentioning the Boston Duck Tours .... we had to take a photo of everyone that passed us by and when you are walking around Boston - a lot of them pass you by! We had to photograph the yellow one in particular!! Yellow being Murray's favourite colour!

and then apart from the yellow Duck Tour buses, we'll finally mention the yellow t-shirts! Once a yellow t-shirt was purchased - wherever we were - he was happy! So, he got a yellow t-shirt from Abercombie, American Eagle, Hollister, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hifliger! Autistic traits are still very evident in our holidays - eight yellow t-shirts, 2o very specific books and 100's of photos of yellow buses, yellow sunflowers and yellow cars later - we got to leave Boston!

how did he cope without Clive, well, we talked about him all the time - we took photos for him all the time, we collected all those yellow t-shirts and books and photos to show him (yes, Clive shows great interest in all these things really!!) and we emailed Auntie Anne (who was minding Clive) every day - so we knew Clive was happy! (Indeed I was - both the little man and me appreciated the flight and all their travelling would have been a lot for me!)

- tomorrow, New Hampshire and some more photos plus meeting Marley on the top of Mount Washington!

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