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What runs in your family?

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:15pm
Craig very kindly sent me this.

Autism Vox has already done a post on it, but as we have different readers I'm sure she wont mind if i also mention it.

Basically the article says now more children are being diagnosed as autistic, parents are now able to see and understand some of their own traits. This isn't just exclusive to autism but other conditions as well, ie attention-deficit difficulties to mood problems like bipolar disorder. And I'm sure many more.

I can certainly see traits in myself ( I like the term - I have one foot on the spectrum!) and some members of my family. Also in families of friends of mine who have disabled children.

It makes sense to me, colour of eyes, hair, mannerisms, etc can run in families, so shouldnt autistic traits do the same?

C got a double dose as there is autism on both sides of his family!!!

So what runs in your family apart from your nose!
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