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Well hello again homeopathy, goodbye PANDAS

Posted Feb 11 2013 11:28pm
Sorry to those, on FB, that I "teased" earlier regarding this post! Honestly, I had to rush out the door to get Drew. In fact, I was in such a hurry, I forgot to put on makeup.....Noooooooooo!! (And then, as my luck would have it, we had an impromptu play date with a person of celebrity status! True story)

Since November, between half of Drew's class getting strep TWICE and then shenanigans of the holidays, Drew developed a PANDAS flare that wasn't budging.

First the signs were Bed wetting
Throat clearing
Off and on Sore throat and cough
More OCD w numbers

And slowly came Anxiety
Controlling everything
Flat speech

And then came Stuttering overload
Inability to form sentences without blocking or very hesitant speech
Extremely focused on conversations that were about delegating and controlling
Tried to negotiate everything. EVERYTHING.

When this happens with his speech and language, I tend to freak. I was doing everything that I knew to do. I was dosing strep and his constitutional with temporary relief. The throat clearing went away and so did the bed wetting and sore throat/cough. However, the symptoms were mentally concentrated and it had been about three months.

So I consulted with Angelica and we decided to give a different remedy a try and use it sort of as an acute constitutional. Weird, right? Basically, see if it might give him the push he needed to release strep that was so evidently being blocked. I was worried though. Me no like change! But I had to do it and go all the way. It had been too long.

And so it began. The change. We were giving our new const every 4-7 days and also drop dosing strep as well as sipping it. (if you're new to homeopathy, my apologies for the crazy lingo. trust me though, you wouldn't believe how easy homeopathy is!). At first we still saw very brief relief followed by agitated behaviors. Then we'd get another glimpse of something really good followed by more agitation. I actually fully expected to see a fever or a physical symptom resembling his typical detox: runny nose, harsh cough, sore throat. I didn't; and instead we were still getting back and forth behaviors and I was concerned. Then, the lightbulb went off (the poop told the story). I realized that we had induced an oxalate dump from the detox. This happens with Drew and its not a terribly bad thing....better out than in. Also, it assured me that something was happening.

I did start to back off on the strep drop dosing... No need to stress the organs. And continued with the constitutional but only once a week with a SIP of strep here and there.

And then.....

First, there was a butt rash. I thought it was oxalate related.
Then it became more circular and raised instead of just dots and it spread all over his bum. My Smart Momma friends thought strep. So I rubbed some strep nosode on it and it immediately began to dry up and heal.

Then, one afternoon, he just sprawled out on the driveway..during the day in the sunlight. It was as if he was taking a nap out there. Very odd for him. The next day, the same thing. It was he was floating is the only way I can describe his behavior, other than lethargy.I was concerned the next day before school because he seemed so tired. When I picked him up from school, his teacher said he was off, tired, not focused. The next day, the same report...he had never received a report like that from school.

Meanwhile, the agitation had subsided although we were getting lots of emotion. Number OCD was fading as was the mega controlling and anxiety. He was also playing fabulously with his friends: letting them choose the game, letting them win, showing concern for their feelings.

Then his eye swelled up like he had been punched in the face. I was so worried. Come to find out, eye detox is common when releasing strep. We often see styes when detoxing strep but this was seriously like he'd been punched. We rubbed strep nosode son it. It began to heal.

And each day after that became better and better. Almost all of the symptoms that I listed above had diminished. He was holding on to the stuttering. I knew we were on to something.

To recap, in one week, he had a butt rash, lethargy, an "off" report from school, and then a swollen purple and red eye.

It looked like the new constitutional brought on a level of de-layering which was able to lift strep out of the mental and push it out towards the physical plane. I gave him a few more sips of strep and watched as those lingering issues faded away before my eyes. Then, just to be sure, I gave him a potent dose of the constitutional. BAM, Amazing. Now that the layer of strep had been removed, the remedy was able to do its thing. Wow! For the first time in almost four months, Drew will agree with us, or just say "ok" when we present something to him instead of trying to control or negotiate, and he is more affectionate than ever, and sweet!

I am so thankful to have my sweet little kindergartener back! He had such a good first three months of kindergarten, I am so happy that he's back to that place again. As far as the stuttering, I do feel its linked to his PANDAS somehow because it always presents. The new supplements that I mentioned previously seem to be tackling it...maybe along with his new remedy. i know I owe you a part two on fish oil. :-)

My takeaway... Homeopathy works from the inside out. The mental will eventually turn physical when healing. It's a good thing. There can be blocks and there are layers. Sometimes you have to push a bit to unclog something; but when you do, think of it as releasing out through your skin and pores forever!

On that note, I feel like I should say Namaste or something.

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